What time and where is pick-up and drop-off?

  • Drop off will be 8am at the Ferry Terminal 220 Holt Street, Pikenba on Monday 28th November.
  • Pick up will be 5pm (approx) at the same location on Thursday 1st December.
  • You must provide your own transport to and from the ferry terminal.


What do I bring on the first day?

  • Bring a day backpack with swimmers, a towel and water bottle so you can swim until we check into our rooms.


Can I bring a non-member friend?

  • Yes. Your friend will need to meet with your Bishop or Branch President to ensure they understand the standards of the trip.


I was supposed to graduate this year but left school early, can I still attend the trip?

  • Yes you can! 


Can I bring my own snacks?

  • Yes. You can include snacks in your luggage.


Do we need to bring money?

  • No money is required on the trip, however there are limited convenience and food shops available.


Do I need to bring my own water?

  • No but we do recommend bringing a water bottle. The taps in the rooms provide filtered water and there are also water stations throughout the resort.


How many suitcases can I bring?

  • Only 1 piece of luggage per person. We also reccommend you bring a small carry on bag or backpack. 


What can I wear?


Can I share a room with my friend?

  • You can nominate a friend in the registration form.


Are the activities compulsory?

  • Day acitivities are not compulsory.
  • Night activities are compulsory for safety reasons.


Can I bring my valuables?

  • Please remember you are room sharing, so any valuables you bring are at your own risk (phones, earphones, laptops, etc.)


What if I need to change or update my registration details? 

  • If you need to update your registration details, for example your email, phone, address, ward, stake, date of birth, or any special dietary and medical needs, please email year12gradtrip@gmail.com


How does my Bishop or Branch President approve my registration?

  • Once your registration is submitted, your Bishop or Branch President is notified and needs to approve your registration online. Please arrange an interview with him and remind him to approve your registration by Sunday 16th October.


Why can I not find my confirmation registration email?

  • Unfortunately, sometimes our emails go straight to your Spam folder. Please check there.


If you have any other questions, please email year12gradtrip@gmail.com