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Usually this is a Priesthood Leader or someone who is helping at the event

You must be at least 16 years old at 28-Nov-2022. You must be no more than 18 years old at 01-Dec-2022. (if you are not a Leader)

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Please let us know if your stake in Queensland, Australia is missing. Don't forget that some stakes have official names like "Brisbane Australia Logan Stake" rather than just "Logan Stake". If you are registering outside of the boundaries of the State or Country that this event is taking place in, you may need to just select "Other".

Please let us know if your ward in Queensland, Australia is missing. Before contacting us please 1) try refreshing the page and 2) make sure you have selected a Stake first. Most of the "missing" wards reported turn out to not be missing at all. If you are registering outside of the boundaries of the State or Country that this event is taking place in, you may need to just select "Other".

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Please provide parent email also, as this is important for communication purposes.

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Please do not enter "none" or "n/a". Just leave it blank if you have none.

Please do not enter "none" or "n/a". Just leave it blank if you have none.

Please do not enter "none" or "n/a". Just leave it blank if you have none.

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Grad Trip Tangalooma Island Resort
Includes ferry ride, accomodation, all meals, wild dolphin feeding, watersports and sports equipment hire and all night activities

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Registration Approval

Registration requires approval from your Bishop or Branch President by registration close Sunday 16th October 2022. You should prepare spiritually, physically and financially to attend the event. Once your registration has been approved you will be notified by email. All notifications will be sent to your email address and to your parent/guardian’s email address as provided by you on the registration form.

Parental Waiver Form

Parents are required to sign the Tangalife Pty Ltd General Indemnity Form in which you give permission for your child to engage in the sports, activities or tours organised and conducted by Tangalife Pty. Ltd. Waiver forms are due Sunday 23rd October 2022.


Approval of your registration is primarily based on your willingness to abide by the Code of Conduct and in the For The Strength of Youth booklet. Please take the time to read, understand and commit to these requirements to avoid disappointment as the event approaches.

Cancelling Your Registration

If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to attend this event, please email the Grad Trip Committee to advise and we will cancel your registration, and we will refund any funds you have paid. You must cancel your registration by the cut-off date for when payments are due, which is Sunday 23rd October 2022. Please do this as early as possible, so another youth can participate. Cancellation fees may apply if you cancel after this date.


By allowing your child to attend this event, you agree to the terms and conditions of Tangalooma Island resort. Transport to and from Tangalooma Island resort is by Ferry.

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions

We desire all who attend this event to have a wonderful and uplifting experience. To achieve this, we have published this Code of Conduct so that appropriate behaviour and standards are maintained throughout the event. In order to attend this event you must agree to abide by the values and standards in the "For the strength of youth" booklet. You must also arrange to have an interview with your Bishop or Branch President before the registration end date of Sunday 16th October 2022. Those who are not members of the Church are also required to read and agree to the terms, values and standards, and to have an interview with their friends Bishop. Enquiries will be made to your bishop to ensure these interviews have been carried out. 

We recognise and celebrate the cultural diversity of all attending this event. The following policies have been put in place with respect to behaviour:

  • All participants are to follow the direction of leaders at all times.
  • Bag checks will be conducted at the wharf before boarding the ferry. 
  • Respect must be shown to all people in the event area.
  • Loud noise and bad behaviour at any hour that disturbs others is unacceptable.
  • Absolutely no alcohol, smoking or non-prescription drugs on the event premises at any time. Anyone found in posession of or affected by these substances may be excluded from any further participation in the event.
  • Any form of violence, threat of violence or bullying to a person or their property will not be tolerated.
  • Sexual harassment and any unlawful behaviour will not be tolerated. Actions, words, jokes or comments that are derogatory and based on any person's gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion or disability will not be tolerated.
  • Swearing and coarse language offends the speaker, the hearer and the spirit and is unacceptable on any occasion.
  • Appropriate use of Technology must be managed during the event, including taking and sharing photos.
  • All attendees of this event are to remain in the Tangalooma Island Resort at all times and under the direction of leaders.

Any Person who violates this Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the event on the next ferry back to Brisbane. In this case, parents of the youth will be contacted and asked to collect their child from Pikenba Ferry Terminal, as and when discussed by our event leaders. If the parents of the youth are unable to collect their child from Pikenba Ferry Terminal, transportation ie. uber, will be arranged at the parents expense. No refunds will be given to those who are asked to leave.

I have read and agree to the Code of Conduct